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Ancient Aliens Theory: The evidence is very clear

Most Ancient Alien Theorists believe that in our ancient history, aliens came to Earth and were perceived as gods. During that time, they gave much knowledge to shape human civilization. We have historical time lines in ancient religious texts as well as on ancient art from cave paintings to our megalithic structures and stone sculptures.

Stone Henge is an amazing structure, but it is still a mystery of exactly what the circle was built for. We know it provides a structure for specific acoustical vibrations, and we believe this place may have been built as a ceremonial place, but we really don't know much more than that!

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The Nazca Lines 
Located in South America, etched into a high plateau in Peru’s Nazca Desert.
 Ancient designs stretch over 50 miles, and archaeologists have been stumped for decades.  Lines and geometric shapes, drawings of animals, birds and humans, they measure over 600 feet across.

The figures that were etched out of the surface of earth in Peru were intended to see from the air, otherwise the artwork would not be seen for what it is. Was this a ancient air field? Ancient alien theorists believe that the lines were actually runways, where spaceships could land as well as launch.

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Pacal's Sarcophagus
Southern Mexico, Pacal the Great ruled over the Mayan city of Palenque, during the seventh century.
The top for the sarcophagus clearly depicts him geared up to take a trip into space. It appears to be the same position modern astronauts are in during the take off of rockets.

Easter Island is home to 887 massive Maoi stone figures that guard the coastline on the Polynesian island. These are only a tiny addition to the megalithic sized stones that so called primitive people were supposed to move with man power. Ancient alien theorist believe they are of alien technology!

Vimanas were written of in Sanskrit texts in India in ancient times referring to flying machines. Compare these descriptions to UFO reports all through time, across the world.

Puma Punku 
Located in Bolivia, Puma Punku is a stone ruin consisting of enormous structures of fine, sharply cut hard stone. Such precision would have been impossible without modern machines, yet the ruins are more than 1,000 years old. 
Ancient alien theorists believe that aliens with advanced technologies created the site or gave that knowledge to the people who built it. 
Stones of Pumu Punku are made up of granite and diorite. 
 One of these stones weighs 800 tons!
It appears that the "H" stones may have been created to lock together to me. Same idea as tongue and groove.
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The Bible - The Book of Ezekiel

I'm not sure how Christians interpret this very vivid description, but to me, it sounds as if it describes a ship, coming from the sky or space.
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Angel or alien - There's no going back!.

I don't want to be scared to share my own story anymore. I don't want to hear people call me crazy, or laugh thinking that I am in some kind of fantasy land. I have told some of my story right here on this blog, and sadly, I allowed them to beat me down inside so much that I would delete it quickly, and not talk about the great and often scary things that have come to me.

My experiences have been real, and I have been drawn to share them in order to seek out others like me. I've been drawn to finding answers, and I can no longer allow unbelievers or negative people to bring me down to block my true path. I have no idea what that path is, or where it may lead, but I have an overwhelming need to chase the meaning of it all. I always have, but I have always been detoured by others that mocked me even as a child.

This is a post that I wrote a few years ago. I was an emotional mess because I felt so much pull in life (even beyond the dream descriptions,) to find meaning to an open, necessary feeling of connection to something other than the people around me. I had written more both before and after but sadly...I was bullied enough to delete them and run away from feeling the pull to share and discover. I felt alone and some people even made me feel like I was actually insane. My emotions took a plunge, and I stayed in a depression state all this time since I let go of it all. This is what brings me back from depression today.

Here is a post left of a UFO sighting my family had all together. They aren't the originals, but the concept is still there for me to fill in the deleted information. I intend on holding my strength against those that try to oppress these experiences by making others feel like they're crazy. I intend on sharing every experience like these that have followed me through life. I hope to have support from those of you that are open to these things everyone else calls crazy. Help me stand strong so my stories can go on instead of being deleted out of defeat. Some of the abuse I have taken from sharing my stories was extreme. I believe I am ready to be whatever it is I'm supposed to be for these experiences. No more tucking my tail in to run away.

The other stories were deep, and now I will tell them all with the new found strength to explore the depths of the universal mind. My angel has returned to me(read story in first link). My bout with depression is over as I am alive again doing precisely what I am gifted to do. I will explore the universal consciousness.

Now follow me and help us all put these pieces together as we share life time experiences of supernatural things. I hope we gain a great connection through our shared experiences of this mysterious universe we live in.

I'm back with a burning passion, and the strength of an angel to be a witness of the universal power we all have inside us. Yes, even those that do not believe in these things has a connection that comes from the soul.

Politics & Religion: The Meek Will Inherit the Earth?

Do some homework on the bible and you come to realize that the Emperor of Rome, Constantine The Great, pretty much selected the books of the New Testament to accompany the old testament. The panel of people he chose to work with him in these choices and reproductions worked at reproducing their efforts to then force Christianity on the masses.

Curious to me is the fact that Constantine was a Pagan before this, and he claimed Christianity while continuing the building of monuments that displayed strongly, his true Pagan beliefs. He lifted himself in society as a god that was to be looked at as a divine leader. Isn't this a sin of the Christian belief? 

With that brief reference to the bible and the Roman Empire, I encourage all of you to do the research into it all, and come to your own conclusions. I will however, point to a state of mind this man handled book carries to its believers that clearly puts humanity and believers in a position of weakness that is easily manipulated and controlled. 

All throughout the bible, there are verses directed to us that convince people that those who suffer will be rewarded. The meek shall inherit the earth, if your sad and suffering, just have faith and be comforted to know that suffering in the name of Jesus/god will pay life dividends and offer the greatest rewards. 

Knowing the church ran everything in the ancient past, just as government does now, its pretty easy to see that the man handled directions from Jesus that are the new testament Christianity holds dear today are political directives used to manipulate values and beliefs of the people to gain power over them. 

Matthew 5:4-6

New International Version (NIV)
Blessed are those who mourn,
    for they will be comforted.
Blessed are the meek,
    for they will inherit the earth.
Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,
    for they will be filled.

Clearly, the potential of an all powerful, jealous, but loving God, as mentioned throughout the bible and world has the right to demand anything He wants right? If people believe in the hope of a loving almighty god that will one day end suffering and free His people from the hellish ways of the world, they will accept their fate of poor, sad, abused, minimal and unfair lives that politics and man cause them. They will be meekly awaiting the return of Jesus to rescue them from it all. 
On the other hand, the bible states murder is a sin, yet how many have been murdered in favor of their god? Its obvious that being meek and accepting crimes against us is just a fuel for political agenda. It keeps people that believe, passive in accepting unfair rule and needless suffering by the rulers. 
Jesus was the proof that people needed to connect with. His torture endured for humans sins is a story we all feel in our heart in the deepest way. We want to be an example of this self sacrificing son of the almighty god, and we feel that guilt inside our conscience that allows us to accept defeat by the unfair and or evil powers that rule over our nations. Guilt!!! 
Its NOT okay to suffer and just accept it. Crimes against humanity include more than what the United Nations summaries offer. The bible says the poor, the meek, the sad will be rewarded, and we have to keep faith despite the time throughout the generations of human suffering. Christianity teaches its believers to never question god because he has his reasons and its all part of his grand plan. It teaches us to be puppets for politics.
Don't get me wrong. I believe Jesus existed. I believe in what he taught as in love and kindness. What I cannot any longer believe in is a god that would have this grand plan that has allowed good people to suffer needlessly. God, as defined in every religion would have all power, so why would he allow any suffering if he is all powerful? Christian and other religious believers will have their standing values on this, but it is merely their faith in a books words that drives it. Ask the same people if they believe in UFOs or maybe Bigfoot, and most will say they don't because there is no proof supposedly. Those that do believe in these things will give reason why they can believe in both. 
The bottom line is this...
The minute Constantine decided to man handle and filtered which books to allow into the bible, he destroyed the credibility of the entire mix. Add to that the history of the Roman Empire and the oppressing nature of Christianity, and it leaves many to doubt it was anything more than political hold in order to harness control over the people. If we are meek, we wont fight for our rights, or the wrongs of others. 
My belief is that religion has complicated blind faith. Religion has ruled the the ways and values of masses, and I dont believe for one second that people need any particular religion or particular belief in god to be wholesome, moral people. The good in every person connects to the whole of humanity, and I believe this grand connection is GOD!
Comment below if you choose to, but please, keep it decent as I screen out negative and or mean comments. 

Are Dreams a method of Alien Communication?

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What makes people dream things they don't believe, or things they doubt? All of my life since I was about 11 years old, I have had dreams of a few different types of aliens. Don't get me wrong, I do believe in the existence of alien visitors to earth. Maybe that fixation in its self brings me to dream as I do?

I was 5 years old the very first dream that would be the last I recalled until I was 11 years old. In that first dream, as a child, I thought the would be alien was a beautiful angel here to guide me or protect me. She had long white, almost glowing hair. Her face in my memory today actually looks like me which I find quite disturbing, because to me, it was an angelic being.

In that 5 year old dream, the angel just looked at me, and we were both surrounded together in her light. I'm really not sure it was her light or just light that was shining on the both of us, but it was magnificent, and strangely warm and peaceful. She never said a word, but she allowed me to think that everything was okay, and I was not going to be harmed. Harmed from what or who though is my question today.

Coming from a tough childhood, I guess my assumption of an angel was because I needed rescuing. She projected to me a great capacity inside myself to endure life as it was. I felt as though I had some kind of strength this angel was trying to show me. I didn't dream of her again until I was 11 years old, and I put the memory away until then.

At 11 years old, I began sleep walking through the house regularly I'm told. I only recall 3 occasions where I actually remember being in a state of limbo somewhere. I felt as if I wasn't sleeping, but I also wasn't awake. The first dream was my angel from when I was 5. I saw her face and she touched my face with the warm light of her hand. I heard her voice this time, but she never spoke. She told me never to fear my experiences in life even when it seems I'm alone. She said that no matter who I was with or where I was at, I would be protected by her light and no harm would come to me. She told me I was important, and needed to evolve to learn a truth that will shatter the hearts of many people.

At 11, that dream meant nothing really because I quickly disregarded it and went on with my life. It is however one of a series of dreams I believe are related that I can remember details about. I don't remember any other dreams but these in this category. Why these dreams and their details stuck with me all of these years is a mystery to me.

The second dream of the group of 3 when I was 11 years old was terrifying. My angel wasn't there. I was looking up at what I know now as grey aliens. There were 2 aliens over me. I think I was laying down, but I'm not sure. I got the idea that they weren't going to hurt me, but I do remember complete and total lack of control and fear. I had pain in my abdominal area and in my toes, and I had pictures flashing through my head as if I was under a strobe light watching things happen in still motion with the only movement being the strobe of flashing, ever changing images. One thing that stands out strong today about this dream and the third dream is cord blood. I have no idea why cord blood would stand out of all of those images, and I had no idea at the time what the hell that was.

The third dream was similar to the second, but there was only 1 grey alien, and there was no pain, just strobing images, and a chattering clicking sound coming from him as if that was his voice. Cord blood again stands out, but this time with an image of a baby connected to an umbilical cord surrounded by bluish green light. I have 3 kids and cannot have anymore, but this baby was not one of mine nor do I recognize her. Yes, the baby was female. The alien just stared into my face, adjusting his head side to side occasionally during times the images I saw were confusing to me. Sort of like the way a dog tilts its head in wonder or curiosity.

Now tonight, on January 17, which is my brothers birthday, I have another dream that wakes me up to ponder these dream experiences. Its 3:36 am as I write this. I'm very disturbed because I don't understand. What, if anything do these dreams mean? My angel was in this dream again. This dream didn't consist of grey aliens though. These aliens were similar to the grey ones, but they were much taller and their skin color was similar to a pink pig. The skin looked more human white, but their anatomy was more like the grey aliens.

Tonight's dream was utter destruction, but I feel like I shouldn't share the full details. These new aliens faces strobed through my mind just as the images of past dreams. My angels face was in the mix, but very distant compared to these new aliens. She displayed fear, yet she projected onto me that I needed to gather strength because I was important. She projected to me that mankind should not trust these aliens even if they vow to do only good. Once again, cord blood.

WTF does this cord blood stuff mean? What does the series of lifetime dreams mean? I am truly disturbed because I am only a small person with no influential power in society. I am just a simple person who is pretty much a loner. Why do these dreams insist I am connected somehow to any kind of importance where aliens are concerned? I do believe in their existence, but I don't believe I would even begin to offer any kind of importance to anything big. I also never believed that aliens would hurt us or be evil, but today I have a new feeling.

If you can translate this and give your opinion, please help me figure this out. It just feels deeper now than ever before and I don't understand any of it. Please comment below with any information you may have about dreams that may help. Any negative or bullying type comments will be deleted because Im simply reaching out for help, not harm.

Are UFO Sightings in California Tied to Fukushimas Nuclear Disaster?

On New Years (2013-2014), in California, numerous people witnessed UFOs in the sky. At the same time, Fukushima reportedly has steam emanating from the damaged nuclear plant that has made its way to the West coast of the US.

Watch the videos below, and do your homework on this. Could these UFOs be assessing the situation between the California and Fukushima coasts?

Those of us that believe in UFO existence know that our alien visitors take an interest in the worlds nuclear plants. We have seen evidence of UFOs having the ability to shut down reactors while overhead. Could this indicate they may be helping to minimize the effects of Fukushimas disaster on the US? Do they have those kind of abilities. You decide, and let us know what you think!

What do different theories say about the nature of visiting ET's

Photo Source: What does it mean
Let's cut to the chase and agree that you aren't reading this right now because you do not believe in UFOs. In fact, you are here reading this because you do believe at the very least that aliens from other worlds have or still do visit us here on earth.

Ten years before the Roswell crash, Nazi Germany also had their own crash site to harvest information and technology from. Is that really the case though? We know Hitler had a secret base in Antarctica, as I'm sure you have heard the stories of alien bases in Antarctica too. What about the hollow earth theories out there, or maybe the theory that Antarctica holds the lost civilization of Atlantis? Some of us believers believe that Atlanteans were an actual alien civilization here on our earth, or that the Atlanteans were hybrids, crossed between human and alien DNA.

We know that Hitler was working on flying saucer type crafts as well as a time machine or the bell. I cannot help but to think that if this knowledge was gained by Hitler through contact with alien beings than some sort of agreement was reached between Hitler and said aliens. That's a scary thought. Hitler believed he could create a master race of people, but what exactly did he mean? My fear is that Hitler had a political type relationship with alien beings and thus was given the knowledge to develop his own flying saucer crafts.

What would that say about the values of our alien visitors if they were helping the evil Hitler thrive in that direction? That would indicate that our alien friends are either not friendly, or that they are just indifferent to our wars and humanity issues. That would assume they aren't here for us or to help us, but if that isn't why they are here, than why?

I want to believe our alien visitors are trying to save humanity or at the very least, the earth. I want to believe that soon, they will communicate their presence to us people instead of the governments. So why haven't they? Why in all these years have we been put aside for government secrets?

I had an epiphany and realized that our alien visitors are no different than American politicians. They may be from other planets in the universe, but they obviously have treaties with some world governments, especially in the US. Don't you think that if they were for the people, than we would know the whole truth without the wool covering our eyes? Can our shabby military crafts or even our nuclear weapons be any match for their technology? I doubt it, so why would they sign treaties with governments unless its just about them or their needs?

Some believe the treaties signed during Eisenhowers time were a trade off between their technology and the right for them to study people through abductions. I can tell you right now, that there is a lot more gain if they took volunteers to study, and the powers that be wouldn't have any control demanding technology. I would even be a volunteer to be studied by the aliens if only I could communicate with them at a living being level. The people would most definitely offer more of themselves just in being given that opportunity to choose and know what is going on.

Some believe that the aliens are actually humans from the future and not aliens from outerspace. If thats true than it could explain why we cannot be told the truth. If we did come from the future and the masses knew of it, it could have effects on humanity and our future all together. Knowing could result in chaos for our future, and the few that know without a doubt may actually have their memories erased or replaced so it didnt effect the future plans.

Of course, anything alien or ufo related is speculation when we must be confirmed by governments for the real truths to surface without the mock from the other side of the bridge. With more people watching the skies now, its only a matter of time before we get proof that absolutely cannot be denied, even by the governments.

I wrote this blog post as I write every other. We don't know any of these questions without someone in the other corner debunking things. I witnessed things as a child along with my family at the same time. I now live in the bible belt of the US...Alabama. God forbid mention any belief in aliens here and you are looked at like Satan himself. So I go along with my studies on my own until I find others who believe the same here in AL.

I look for reciprocation with my blog posts. I think its great to have others help us through all our questions, or at the very least, turn us on to different knowledge that could answer our questions. Please comment and tell me what you think about the ideas and questions here. What exactly is your belief?

Savior? Jesus' life replicates Pagan gods before his time.

Why does the story of Jesus mirror Pagan gods that came before his time? The following is a list and description of each pagan god that have history just like Jesus, but are older than the Christian stories the bible holds.

The bible its self tells us to be careful of those that lead you away from the truth, but it seems quite odd that the story of Jesus would come later than the rest, but reflect the stories of ancient pagan gods so intimately.

The Pagans were all about astrology. Take a look below at the Pagan gods details, and compare them to what you  know about the story of Jesus.

3000 BC - Horus - Sun God of Egypt

  • Born December 25th
  • Born of a virgin, Isis Mary
  • Birth accompanies a star in the east
  • 3 kings followed to adorn with gifts
  • Teacher at 12 years old
  • Baptized at 30 years old
  • Had 12 disciples
  • Performed miracles, healed sick, walked on water
  • Known by several titles:
    • The truth
    • the light
    • Lamb of God
    • The good Shepard
    • many others
  • Crucified after betrayal
  • Resurrected after 3 days

1250 BC - Attis - Phrygian god of vegetation

  • Born December 25th
  • Born of a virgin
  • Crucified
  • Dead 3 days
  • Resurrected 

4th century BC - Krishna - India 

  • Born of a virgin
  • Star in the east
  • Performed miracles
  • had disciples
  • Resurrected

1600–1100 BC - Dionysus - Greece

  • Born December 25th
  • Born to a virgin
  • Traveling teacher
  • Performed miracles
  • Turned water into wine
  • Referred to as
    • King of kings
    • Gods only begotten son
    • Alpha and Omega
  • Resurrected

1200 BC - Mithra - Persia - god of the morning sun

  • Born on December 25th
  • Born to a virgin
  • 12 disciples
  • performed miracles
  • Dead 3 days
  • Resurrected
  • Sunday worship

Jesus - Christian Savior - 

  • Born on December 25th
  • Born to a virgin
  • Star in the east
  • 12 disciples
  • performed miracles
  • Baptised at 30 years old
  • Dead 3 days
  • Resurrected
  • Sunday worship
  • Turned water into wine
  • Referred to as
    • King of kings
    • Gods only begotten son
    • Alpha and Omega
    • The truth
    • the light
    • Lamb of God
    • The good Shepard
    • many others

Comparing astrology to the origins of the stories.

The star in the east is Sirius. On December 24th, Sirius aligns with the 3 brightest stars in Orion's belt. Those 3 stars are known as the 3 kings. The alignment of the 3 stars with Sirius, points to the point of the sunrise on December 25th. This is why the 3 kings follow the star in the east, because it helps them locate the birth of the sun (son).

The virgin Mary - Virgo the virgin (Latin word Virgo means virgin)

Virgo is referred to as "The house of bread." Wheat = the time of harvest- (Aug & Sept)
Bethlehem = House of bread is a place in the sky- Constellation Virgo

The sun moves south consistently for a 6 month period of time before it appears to stop moving south on December 22, 23, and 24. During this period, the sun appears to stay aligned to the southern cross or crux constellation. On December 25th, the sun them moves 1 degree to the north, ready to provide for longer days, warmer temperatures, and Spring. Thus the Pagans believed that the sun died on the cross, was dead for 3 days, and born again, or resurrected.

There are many more details to these histories, so please, watch the video below, subscribe to their channel, and watch the rest of the videos that go with this one.

I find this very very bothersome as I have always been a big believer in Jesus until recent times. I do believe in Jesus (so far), but not necessarily as Gods son. For me, with studies on Ancient civilizations, and the Roman Empire, it seems more now than ever that Jesus was more of a political move than a Deity. If yoou are not aware of why I would believe this from these studies, please search for the information yourself keeping Christiantity and Roman Empire with in the same search. We deserve the right to know the true history of mankind with continuously being forced into the beliefs of any rulers. 

The Unbearable Truth: Christianity is a LIE 1 - UltimateClip

People lived hundreds of years before Noah & the great flood. Why?
In the beginning of biblical times, man was able to live for over 900 years. During this time, the bible says that God gave us all of the seed bearing plants throughout the world for food. We were not given authority to eat meat at that time, and we lived hundreds of years past our life expectancy today. 800 or so more years to be more precise.

Genesis 1:29
Then God said, "I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.

It wasn't until after the great flood that the years of life diminished by hundreds of years. Noah was the last to live so long, and apparently, that gift died with him after his long 950 year life, which more than half of it was lived before the flood.

In the first few versus in chapter 9 of Genesis, God tells Noah how the game changes human life forever, He says that animals will fear and dread people, and we are given authority to eat meat.

Genesis 9:3
Everything that lives and moves will be food for you. Just as I gave you the green plants, I now give you everything.

Chapter 9 also looks to me that any blood bearing beast is off limits. Take a look at the next verse.

Genesis 9:4
But flesh with the life thereof, which is the blood thereof, shall ye not eat.

Is the verse above meaning no eating the blood, or as I see it, does it mean not to eat animals with blood? You decide!

They say the bible has no discrepancies and it all flows to make valid truth, but it seems that over time, with both human rebels that ate meat anyways, God merely used a bargaining tool and decided to allow it, but at the cost of many years of life for us. Maybe it could have very well been the dagger to minimize humans life expectancies as a reminder of the sinful state of human beings.

If you believe in theories of ancient gods being aliens, you have to wonder whether the written right to eat meat after the flood of Noah was how our ancient astronaut gods put population control in effect. Maybe even intentionally changed our genetic structure that before sinfulness and meat was more like them with very long lives. Has meat consumption stifled our true connection to our creator(s)?

Meat has proven to be bad for our health, and is supposedly the only source for B-12 on earth. Vitamin B-12 is the only nutritional benefit that is not found in plants, but I whole hearted disagree. I did however read an article that claimed B-12 was actually available in organically grown vegetation. Read this article and tell me what you think.  I think if we grow veggies, they will contain B-12 if we do it organically. Man made chemicals and meat consumption is killing us compared to how we were meant to be. 

The bottom line is that when we started eating meat, our life expectancy shortened immediately, and even more, we seem to have lost our internal connection to god, or the universe depending on how you view religion. I wonder what the consumption of meat does to our pineal gland which is our spiritual connection to all things.?

Marijuana is an ancient medical remedy that has been practiced for over 5300 years

The use of marijuana as a treatment for various medical ailments has been ongoing for over 5300 years in human history.

Be sure to watch the video at the bottom for a much more detailed and scientific inquiry.

Government studies on the use of cannabis have been intended only to show the negative effects on human beings until now. In reality, these studies proved the exact opposite.

Although ongoing studies will continue to offer additional insight, I do believe that enough solid evidence has been discovered in favor of its medicinal use that we are beginning to see more support for even recreational use.

Many parents of children suffering numerous ailments are also beginning to see the real, and natural benefits of cannabis treatments, rather than current treatments that have so many negative side effects. An example of that would be cancer. Current treatments literally suck the life out of our cancer patients by poisoning the body to kill the cancer. That may very well be unnecessary with many types of cancer as we learn more. I personally would be testing natural treatments on my loved ones before putting them through the agony of chemo and radiation, or opiates with long, dangerous lists of side effects.

Of course marijuana is not a cure all, but the benefits for treating so many ailments is proving to be greater as more open studies are accomplished and accepted.

There are several intake methods for cannabis treatments, but it appears the most popular is smoking it. The main concern with smoking it is what damage it may cause to the lungs. According to studies, when compared to smoking cigarettes, cannabis smokers had a lesser risk of lung cancer and COPD than cigarette smokers. The video below explains this with detail.

Methods of medicating: Source , Video (below)

  • Inhalation: Smoking
  • Inhalation: Vaporizing
  • Marijuana Edibles
  • Cannabis Tinctures
  • Cannabis Topical Solutions

Cannabis treats hundreds of medical and emotional conditions, but here is a brief list of importance.

  • Pain control
  • Epilepsy
  • Migraine headaches
  • depression
  • sleep
  • appetite
  • GI symptoms
  • nausea
  • diahrea
  • Chrones disease
  • Immune deficiency disorders
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Glaucoma
  • Various cancers
  • Parkinson's
  • Bipolar
  • ADHD
  • PTSD- (reduce fear memories)
  • Asthma- broncho dilator
  • Arthritis
  • Anxiety
  • Complete list is shown on minute 34 of the video

This is such a contoversial topic, but as more Americans are accepting the positive use studies, it seems as though marijuana will win this fair use fight.

Here are some questions to ponder - 

  1. Can legalization in the United States offer us the economic boost we so desperately need?
  2. If freely legalized, how many jobs would open up for Americans?
  3. How can Americans demand free choice to do as they wish with their own bodies, both medicinal as well as recreational?
  4. Should cannabis be considered dangerous at any level with studies showing otherwise?
  5. Should Americans be allowed to farm hemp freely as a sustainable resource?
  6. Should farmers be able to freely grow this as a food source without special permissions, as if they were growing corn or other food crops?

I want to hear your opinions. 

Abductees are hypnotised to reveal truth of alien abductions

Abductees are hypnotised to reveal truth of alien abductions

How do we know that the following recordings are not deliberately set up by hoaxers? Some areas in the videos sound as if they were actually reading. I could be wrong, because I don't know how their natural speaking patterns are/were, but small parts do sound rehearsed. I want to believe their stories are real because I have one of my own, although its not so intense as these stories!

Barney and Betty Hill were one of the first abductee cases reported, and what I find kind of neat is that Barney mentions seeing Nazis and red headed Irishmen looking people while he was under hypnosis. That falls hand in hand with other alien theories born from the ancient past.

The Pat McGuire's video is focused around cattle mutilations which he claims to witness cows being picked up by UFOs but not actually seeing the cow, just the craft with the sounds of the cow. I am not into the idea in the video that says that maybe mutilations are happening to test radiation levels in the animals. I would be more apt to think that its more of a genetic program of some kind. Even further out there...maybe aliens create life with different species mixed. It wouldn't be anything we haven't seen in ancient mythology with part animal and part human characters.

The last video listed below gets weird. This claims that alien beings are channeling through the abductee to communicate during hypnosis. "WTF" is right! I also think that this one goes a bit too far to be real. Again, I hope it is real, but it goes further than Id expect from hypnosis.

Take a listen to each video below, and you decide! Is this real and successful hypnosis or is it a hoax to gain believers? Comment below and please share!

Barney Hill Hypnosis audio tape complete version. Ricky G 

Pat McGuire ufo abduction hypnosis session Gerald Clough

Alien Abductee Under Hypnosis - WTF SCARY!!! masjosh

New Zealand 2008 contactee channels a alien being through hypnosis

Here is yet another hypnotism of a supposed abductee.


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