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Marijuana is an ancient medical remedy that has been practiced for over 5300 years

The use of marijuana as a treatment for various medical ailments has been ongoing for over 5300 years in human history.

Be sure to watch the video at the bottom for a much more detailed and scientific inquiry.

Government studies on the use of cannabis have been intended only to show the negative effects on human beings until now. In reality, these studies proved the exact opposite.

Although ongoing studies will continue to offer additional insight, I do believe that enough solid evidence has been discovered in favor of its medicinal use that we are beginning to see more support for even recreational use.

Many parents of children suffering numerous ailments are also beginning to see the real, and natural benefits of cannabis treatments, rather than current treatments that have so many negative side effects. An example of that would be cancer. Current treatments literally suck the life out of our cancer patients by poisoning the body to kill the cancer. That may very well be unnecessary with many types of cancer as we learn more. I personally would be testing natural treatments on my loved ones before putting them through the agony of chemo and radiation, or opiates with long, dangerous lists of side effects.

Of course marijuana is not a cure all, but the benefits for treating so many ailments is proving to be greater as more open studies are accomplished and accepted.

There are several intake methods for cannabis treatments, but it appears the most popular is smoking it. The main concern with smoking it is what damage it may cause to the lungs. According to studies, when compared to smoking cigarettes, cannabis smokers had a lesser risk of lung cancer and COPD than cigarette smokers. The video below explains this with detail.

Methods of medicating: Source , Video (below)

  • Inhalation: Smoking
  • Inhalation: Vaporizing
  • Marijuana Edibles
  • Cannabis Tinctures
  • Cannabis Topical Solutions

Cannabis treats hundreds of medical and emotional conditions, but here is a brief list of importance.

  • Pain control
  • Epilepsy
  • Migraine headaches
  • depression
  • sleep
  • appetite
  • GI symptoms
  • nausea
  • diahrea
  • Chrones disease
  • Immune deficiency disorders
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Glaucoma
  • Various cancers
  • Parkinson's
  • Bipolar
  • ADHD
  • PTSD- (reduce fear memories)
  • Asthma- broncho dilator
  • Arthritis
  • Anxiety
  • Complete list is shown on minute 34 of the video

This is such a contoversial topic, but as more Americans are accepting the positive use studies, it seems as though marijuana will win this fair use fight.

Here are some questions to ponder - 

  1. Can legalization in the United States offer us the economic boost we so desperately need?
  2. If freely legalized, how many jobs would open up for Americans?
  3. How can Americans demand free choice to do as they wish with their own bodies, both medicinal as well as recreational?
  4. Should cannabis be considered dangerous at any level with studies showing otherwise?
  5. Should Americans be allowed to farm hemp freely as a sustainable resource?
  6. Should farmers be able to freely grow this as a food source without special permissions, as if they were growing corn or other food crops?

I want to hear your opinions. 


  1. Marijuana may be a controversial topic, but it’s definitely an interesting subject to study. And the video below can prove that, as it contains a lot of good information about the history of medical marijuana and its health benefits to people. And who knows, they might discover more with further studies. The main problem nowadays is regulating it. Fortunately, medicine dispensing systems has been created to standardize cannabis distribution in registered hospitals or clinics. With this, people will have an assurance that they will only get high quality and properly stored medicine, and the clinics can regulate distribution to those who actually need it medically.

    Brad Benson @ Canna MedBox

  2. The government doesn't want people being able to make money off of it under the table where they can't get their greedy hands in the pot (pun intended).
    The also know their is medicinal quality to it,but they don't want us healthy,they want us either sick and buying their pharmacy meds or they want us dead. And yes,if people could grow this and sell it or trade it,there wouldn't be as many poor people. I think,what little bit of bad using marijuana is (if any),does not nearly out weigh the good that could come from it. There is way worse things that are legal out why then? I think it's about time the people of earth gather together,and make it so!

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